At long last – Colt and 8-Bit get their second gadgets!

After what seems like an eternity, the ‘forgotten’ Brawlers, Colt and 8-Bit, finally get their second gadgets! Let’s have a look at both and analyze both.

Colt: Silver Bullet

Colt’s next attack is one powerful shot that deals as much damage as his entire regular burst, while going through obstacles and opponents alike.

Charges per match: 3

Rating: S

This is an extremely powerful gadget which is very similar to Brock’s 2nd gadget, Rocket Fuel – but which is better?

While Rocket Fuel stops once it hits a wall or enemy, Silver Bullet continues destroys all walls and damages all enemies in its straight line up to 10 tiles. However, Rocket Fuel’s point of impact has an area-of-effect, while Silver Bullet doesn’t.

Overall, with damage potential (3,136 to all enemies it passes through), this gives Colt a much needed source of burst damage which mitigates one of Colt’s weaknesses (high DPS over a sustained period of time, but slow burst damage).

8-Bit: Extra Credits

8-Bit’s next attack has the number of projectiles increased to 18.

Charges per match: 3

Rating: B

This gadget augments 8-Bit’s strength (high DPS), which makes him an even bigger threat in game modes like Heist and Siege. With this gadget, 8-Bit deals a staggering 8,064 total damage with one burst.

However, as this gadget is really only strong for increasing damage against static targets, it doesn’t significantly improve 8-Bit for other game modes.