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Ash easily gets furious about all the junk he has to clean up. Dealing or receiving blows, even more so. The Fury makes him faster and more dangerous, but eventually he cools down.

Attack: Clean-Up

Ash angrily smashes down with his broom. Get out of the way or you might bite the dust!

Super: Little Helpers

Robotic rats for cleaning up? That’s right, they explode on contact, dealing damage to opponents and greatly increasing Ash’s Rage level.

Star Power Icon

First Bash: When hitting an opponent with his attack charges full, Ash gets even more angry. His Rage goes up by 100%.

Gadget Icon

Chill Pill: Though furious, Ash has to collect himself. A full Rage meter will recover 2500 health when this gadget is popped – less Rage, less recovery.

Ash Pin
  • Ash is all about getting angrier; when you’re at max rage, your damage is doubled! 
  • Try to deploy your Super closer to enemies, to give them a lower chance of being able to take them.
  • When necessary, Ash’s Super is a good tool for pushing back enemy Brawlers, useful for saving teammates or protecting strategic areas of the map while your teammates aren’t around.
Damage952 * 3
Super Damage2,800
Attack Range8.67 tiles
Super Range3.33 tiles
Movement Speed2.4 tiles per second
Attack Speed0.5 seconds
Reload Speed2.2 seconds
Head Health2,240
Head Speed4 tiles per second