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Griff is the proprietor of Starr Park’s gift shop. Business is bad, but he still throws coins away – from his employees’ tip jar!

Attack: Coin Toss

Angry Griff pelts opponents with coins. He throws three salvos that spread out in a cone.

Super: Cashback

Griff throws a bunch of sharp-edged banknotes in a wide cone. Too valuable to just give away, they return to him, and may cause paper cuts twice to the same target. Opponents further away take more damage.

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Keep the Change:

Furious Griff tosses coins faster, reducing the time for a full salvo by 35%.

Business Resilience:

Every 2 seconds, Griff regains up to 7% of his missing health.

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Piggy Bank: Griff drops a firecracker-filled piggy bank that, after a short delay, explodes destroying obstacles and dealing 1000 damage to opponents within range.

Griff Pin
  • Griff is a high DPS Brawler who also excels at Area Control (with his Cashback Super).
  • Generally, Griff’s Super does the most damage to opponents furthest away from him.
  • Griff’s Super can pass through walls when they are returning to him.
  • Griff’s Piggy Bank gadget has good utility in helping to destroy walls.
Damage308 * 9
Super Damage990 * 5
Attack Range8.33 tiles
Super Range9 tiles
Movement Speed2.4 tiles per second
Attack Speed0.8 seconds
Reload Speed1.7 seconds