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Jessie’s Shock Rifle shoots energy orbs that bounce between enemies. Her Super deploys a cute but deadly gun turret!

Attack: Shock Rifle

Jessie fires off an energy orb. After hitting a target, the orb bounces at the next target in range, hitting up to three enemies.

Super: Scrappy!

Jessie deploys a gun turret that automatically shoots at enemies. It’s made of 100% recycled materials!

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Energize: Jessie can repair her gun turret for 800 of its missing health by zapping it with her attack.

Shocky: Scrappy the Turret now shoots energy orbs that bounce between enemies. The orbs’ range after a bounce is 51% of normal range.

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Spark Plug: Jessie triggers a shockwave from her turret, slowing down all enemies within its area of effect.

Recoil Spring: Scrappy’s attack speed is doubled for 5.0 seconds.

Jessie Pin
  • When aiming Jessie’s attacks, prioritise enemy Brawlers who are bunched up closer together, allowing your attack to bounce and hit them more easily.
  • Scrappy is a key component of Jessie’s potency, so keep Scrappy alive!
  • Position Scrappy (Jessie’s turret) strategically. Against melee Brawlers like Heavyweights, it’s a good idea to place Scrappy out in the open, allowing Scrappy to land as many hits as possible. Against ranged Brawlers, placing Scrappy behind a wall is best to protect it while still allowing it to deal damage. 


Super Damage364
Attack Range9 tiles
Super Range5 tiles
Movement Speed2.4 tiles per second
Attack Speed0.5 seconds
Reload Speed1.8 seconds