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Despite being just a guide, Lola portrays herself as THE leading lady of Brawlywood. She attacks with her scarf and her Super is a channeled manifestation of her Ego.

Attack: Diamond Eyes

Lola’s favorite accessory is also her favorite weapon! It shoots from the eyes in short bursts and with plenty of panache.

Super: Megalomaniac

Lola releases her Ego that mimics her every move.

Star Power Icon

Improvise: Whenever Lola has only one full ammo, each projectile from her next attack will deal 30% more damage.

Sealed with a Kiss: The projectiles of Lola’s Ego can heal allies for 100 health per projectile. The projectiles pierce through allies and can still damage enemies.

Gadget Icon

Freeze Frame: When Lola uses this Gadget, her Ego will become immobile for 4 seconds, but it will receive a shield that reduces all damage it takes by 75% for the same duration. The Ego can still attack.

Lola Pin
  • With her Megalomaniac Super, Lola has one of the highest damage outputs in the game.
  • Learn to use Megalomaniac strategically; to maximise damage output, summon her Ego right beside her. For utility such as area denial or helping out other lanes, split her Ego instead.
  • Lola can use walls to ‘regroup’ with her Ego if its positioning has become too far away from the original.
Damage392 * 6
Super Damage420 * 6
Attack Range9 tiles
Super Range9 tiles
Movement Speed2.4 tiles per second
Attack Speed0.6 seconds
Reload Speed1.7 seconds