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Stu is a stunt driver extraordinaire with gasoline in his veins! He makes a big entrance, burning serious rubber all over the stage.

Attack: Razzle Dazzle

Stu fires out two pyrotechnic shots that pack quite a wallop.

Super: Nitro Boost

Hitting an opponent with Razzle Dazzle charges up Stu’s Nitro Boost, a short dash that bumps opponents out of the way. Leaves a trail of burning rubber on the ground that will set fire to any opponents that touch it.

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Zero Drag: Stu’s Nitro Boost Super dash distance increases by 71%.

Gaso-Heal: Using his Nitro Boost Super restores 500 of Stu’s health.

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Speed Zone: Stu drops a booster that makes himself, his teammates and other allies move faster while inside its area of effect.

Stu Pin
  • Stu is a truly unique Brawler who can charge a Super by just landing ONE shot. Use this to great effect in especially Brawl Ball (unlimited Super Shots)!
  • Both of Stu’s Supers are useful depending on situation. Zero Drag is a safe option allowing you to dash further and keep a longer distance, while Gaso-Heal allows you to play more aggressively, knocking opponents back but staying alive with the heal. Try both out and see which style fits you more!
  • Don’t be discouraged if you can’t play Stu well at the start. He’s a high skill cap Brawler whose potential really comes through in the hands of an experienced player.
Attack Damage812 * 2
Super Damage1,120
Attack Range7.67 tiles
Super Range2.33 tiles
Movement Speed2.4 tiles per second
Attack Speed0.7 seconds
Reload Speed1.5 seconds