Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned player, you’re sure to find some useful tips and tricks to up your Brawl Stars game here. 

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Combat Guides

  • Every Brawler has matchups favorable to him/her and vice versa. For example, in 1v1 matchups, Assassins like Mortis generally have an advantage over Throwers like Barley. Know your matchups and know how to best help you and your team!
  • Strategising begins the moment you see your opponent’s lineup. Where do you foresee enemy A will be? Is that a favorable match up for you? What is the laning strategy you and your team should adopt to maximise success?
  • Always check bushes for lurking enemies! Don’t be lazy.
  • Generally, it’s always a good idea to aim your shots, with auto-aim is not recommended. However, the closer you are to your enemy, the more likely that you’ll be able to hit with auto-aim.
  • Keep the pressure on! Is an enemy Brawler trying to heal up? Keep them out of the fray by dealing a tick of damage – just to prevent them from healing. This is exceptionally important against Brawlers causing major problems for your team.
  • Circle walls – near death? Get behind a wall and run in circles! If the enemy doesn’t have faster movement speed, you can keep running and heal up.
  • Gang up – is an enemy Brawler hiding behind a wall and running circles? Help your teammate close in on this enemy to finish him/her off.
  • Peeking – peek out from a wall, get a quick shot off then duck back behind! This technique works well for most Brawlers, except those which  shoot a chain of bullets, such as Colt.
  • Teasing – waste your enemies’ ammo by peeking out from a wall, then quickly ducking back in.
  • Strafe – maximise your dodge by moving unpredictably.


For Brawler specific combat guides, visit the individual Brawler Pages!

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Map Guides


  • Due to each Brawler’s unique characteristics and strengths/weaknesses, each may have an advantage in a certain Game Mode or map. 
  • Maps are rotated on a daily basis, and some feature more heavily than others.
  • Generally, Gem Grab, Heist, Brawl Ball, Showdown and Bounty are the 5 most important Game Modes you should become familiar with.


Gem Grab

  • A common beginner mistake – solo-rushing the enemy team head on, the moment the countdown starts and getting killed by the enemy team.  Instead, regroup with your team and assault, maximising your chances of diving the enemy base successfully. Similarly, panicking and diving the enemy team’s base, when your team is already at 8 or 9 gems. Instead, control the gem spawn area, and have the enemy team take the fight to you.


  • Heist is all about dealing damage as quickly as possible. Many Heavyweights, with their high survivability and damage, shine here.
  • In certain Heist maps where paths are straight, the Sharpshooters shine. 
  • In other Heist maps with more constrained paths, Throwers become viable options.



  • Camping (staying hidden and not participating in battles) is a great (although cheesy) strategy for staying alive longer. 
  • In Solo Showdown, spinning enemies are trying to indicate that they wish to form an alliance with you. As much as you don’t want to, when the map is filled with other tag-teams, you may need to form your own alliance to win.
  • This map is all about maximising damage dealt, while minimising damage taken. Sharpshooters who deal good damage from afar, like Piper, Brock and Nani are favorites. In certain maps, assassins like Mortis and Leon can also work very well.
  • Heavyweights are generally not good options on Bounty, as it is too difficult to get close to your enemies without dying.


Brawl Ball

  • In Brawl Ball, Brawlers who can cover distances quickly (e.g. Mortis, Max, El Primo) or can provide diversions (e.g. Nita, Tara) have strong advantages.
  • For certain maps with more walls and cover, wall breakers such as Colt and Dynamike become useful, as do Heavyweights.

Advancement Guide

Progression Basics

  • Brawl Stars is now played by Seasons, with each season typically lasting about 2 months. As of Nov 2020, Season 3 is ending, and Season 4 will be commencing on 23 Nov 2020.
  • To maximise rewards, players such purchase a Brawl Pass, which costs Gems. The Brawl Pass is also the only way to unlock exclusive rewards such as certain Brawler Skins, Pins and other rewards.
  • Playing the game awards the player with Tokens.
  • Completing certain Daily Quests and Season Quests also awards Tokens.
  • As you accumulate more tokens, you advance the through Tiers, which then grant you rewards such as Gems, Power Points and Boxes. The higher your Tier, the better the rewards!
  • As you win more games with your Brawlers, your Brawlers increase in Rank. Upon attaining Rank milestones, you are ready with Star Points.
  • Power Points: used to upgrade Brawler Power Levels.
  • Gems: can be used to purchase anything from Brawlers skins,  Brawl Boxes, Tokens, Coins and more. However, it’s best used for purchasing the Brawl Pass for value maximisation. Only obtainable by purchasing with real money, or given with purchase of the Brawl Pass.
  • Coins: obtained from Brawl Boxes or purchased with real money. Can be used to purchase Star Powers, Brawler Skins
  • Tokens: obtained by completing quests in the Brawl Pass. Used to advance in Brawl Pass for additional rewards.
  • Star Points: obtained by increasing the rank of your Brawlers. Can be used to purchase Brawler skins, or end-of-season Brawl Boxes. 
Maximizing Rewards
  • Focus on getting a small handful of Brawlers to levels 7 and 9. This way, you have a chance to obtain Gadgets and Star Powers (2,000 coins) from Brawl Boxes for free.
  • Log in daily, and tap on all events! Doing so nets you free tokens.
  • Complete all daily quests. (100 tokens per quest)
  • Complete all season quests. (250 or 500 tokens per quest)
  • Complete all special event quests, available only on weekends (500 tokens per quest).