Brawl Stars has 12 game modes, each with different ways to win, as well as a rotation of maps that are updated periodically. 

Find maps for all game modes below to plan your strategies.

Click on the banners below to jump down to all maps.

Gem Grab Map Banner
Gem Grab

Grab gems from the mine at the centre of the map, or pick it up from fallen enemies. The team which holds on to 10 gems for 10 seconds wins!

Heist Map Banner

Protect your own safe, and destroy the enemy team's safe first to win!

Showdown Map Banner

In a shrinking map with an expanding poison cloud, grab health packs from chests or defeated enemies. Stay alive and be the last Brawler/duo to win!

Brawl Ball Map Banner
Brawl Ball

Score 2 goals first to win!

Bounty Map Banner

Kill enemies for bounty, but beware - every successful kill increases the bounty on your own head! The team with the highest earned bounty at the end wins.

Hot Zone Map Banner
Hot Zone

Stay in Hot Zones! The first team to achieve the required amount of time in the game's hot zones wins.

Siege Map Banner

Destroy the enemy's safe by grabbing roboparts from the map to construct a siege robot!

Big Game Map Banner
Big Game

Team up to defeat the Big Brawler with upgraded health, damage and stats. Or, defeat the 5 enemy Brawlers as the Big Brawler to win!

Robo Rumble Map Banner
Robo Rumble

Protect your safe from robot hordes! For every 5 hordes, a robo-boss appears.

Super City Rampage Map Banner
Super City Rampage

Protect the city from a rampaging monster from trying to destroy it!

Boss Fight Map Banner
Boss Fight

It's 3 Brawlers against the Boss! Stay your ground as the Boss gets progressively stronger the longer the battle goes on.

Lone Star Map Banner
Lone Star

Team up to defeat the Big Brawler with upgraded health, damage and stats. Or, defeat the 5 enemy Brawlers as the Big Brawler to win!

Hard Rock Mine Map
Hard Rock Mine (active)
Crystal Arcade Map
Crystal Arcade
Double Swoosh Map
Double Swoosh
Undermine Map
Minecart Madness Map
Minecart Madness
Snake Shop
Corner Case
Ice Fort Map
Ice Fort


Turnaround Map
Turnaround (active)
Twist and Shoot Map
Twist and Shoot
Hot Potato Map
Hot Potato
Pit Stop Map
Pit Stop
Kaboom Canyon Map
Kaboom Canyon
G.G. Corral Map
G.G. Corral
Double Swoosh
Safe Zone Map
Safe Zone

Showdown (Solo/Duo)

Double Trouble Map
Double Trouble (active)
Rockwall Brawl Map
Rockwall Brawl
Scorched Stone Map
Scorched Stone
Stormy Plains
Skull Creek Map
Skull Creek
Feast or Famine Map
Feast or Famine
Two Thousand Lakes Map
Two Thousand Lakes

Brawl Ball

Triple Dribble Map
Triple Dribble (active)
Backyard Bowl Map
Backyard Bowl
Field Goal Map
Field Goal
Sunny Soccer Map
Sunny Soccer
Center Stage Map
Centre Stage
Sneaky Fields Map
Sneaky Fields Map
Super Stadium Map
Field Goal


Quick Skip Map
Quick Skip (active)
Dry Season Map
Dry Season
Excel Map
Overgrown Snowtel Map
Overgrown Snowtel
Snake Prairie
Snake Prairie
Layer Cake Map
Layer Cake
Canal Grande Map
Canal Grande
Shooting Star Map
Shooting Star

Hot Zone

Snowball Fight Map
Snowball Fight (active)
Dueling Bettles
Dueling Beetles
Watch Out Map
Watch Out
Ring of Fire Map
Ring of Fire
Split Map
Sizzling Surprise Map
Sizzling Surprise
Mosh Pit Map
Mosh Pit
Massive Attack Map
Massive Attack


Robo Highway Map
Robo Highway (active)
Mecha Match Map
Mecha Match
Junk Park Map
Junk Park
Olive Branch Map
Olive Branch
Factory Rush Map
Factory Rush
Nuts & Bolts Map
Nuts & Bolts
Bot Drop Map
Bot Drop
Some Assembly Required Map
Some Assembly Required

Big Game

Table Flip Map
Table Flip
Hunting Party Map
Hunting Party
Chew Out Map
Chew Out
Team Day Map
Team Day

Robo Rumble

Vault Defenders Map
Vault Defenders
Steel Junction Map
Steel Junction
Pachinko Park Map
Double Swoosh
Keep Safe Map
Keep Safe

Super City Rampage

Super City Map
Super City

Boss Fight

Metal Scrap
Machine Zone Map
Machine Zone
Danger Zone Map
Danger Zone Map