Most Underrated Brawlers in Brawl Stars

With how often Supercell patches the game to balance it out, Brawl Stars should be relatively fair game – where every Brawler has a chance to help their team win.

With that said, one can’t help but notice that some Brawlers are overwhelmingly more popular than others, especially in less competitive play. Sure, everyone has their own favorite Brawlers to play – but it’s essential to have at least a basic understanding of what other Brawlers can do if you want to play well at Brawl Stars. After all, how can you improve if you don’t even know what abilities your enemies can do, right?

This gets us to the purpose of today’s post – which are the most underrated in the current meta? * Disclaimer: this is based purely on the opinions of the author, from his own abilities at the game and recent play experience

1. Nani

It’s no surprise to see Nani on this list. Nani is a Brawler which requires a high level of skill to play, with his normal attack and Super both tougher than usual to land. In recent games, there’s probably an average of one Nani in every 30 to 50 games I play, compared to the more popular Brawlers like Edgar, Colt, Brock and more.

That being said, in the hands of a pro, Nani can obliterate teams. With insane DPS (damage per second) and infinite range with her Super, Nani is deadly in the hands of a skilled player. Check out videos from ____, amongst some other skilled players, on how you can make turn this Brawler to a cute Brawler everyone fears.

2. Sprout

This plant is an amazingly under used Brawler that absolutely owns! With a super high damage circle normal attack, Sprout is a Thrower with high damage potential and ability to frustrate the opposing team. You can further augment his attack power with his Overgrowth Star Power, or go for the Photosynthesis Star Power in maps where your chances of getting jumped by opponents are higher. Sprout is an all-round, high utility Brawler which should really be getting a lot more attention – alas its really not picked very often.

3. 8-Bit

It’s not hard to imagine why 8-Bit isn’t a favored Brawler. With by far the slowest movement speed in the game, 8-Bit is a tough selection in uncompetitive games – where random team mates may lack the skill level to understand what 8-Bit can bring to the team, and support him in that function.

In the right hands and team set-up though – 8-Bit is a complete beast. Once he gets his Plugged In Star Power, his biggest weakness is nullified, and transforms from lumbering high damager to a nimble footed death-on-wheels. Combined with his Cheat Cartridge gadget, 8-Bit’s amazing DPS grants him amazing area control in many maps (being able to off many Brawlers if he hits them with a single salvo), while still giving him an escape if an opponent gets the jump.

Truly underrated and deserves more play.

4. Carl

Originally a popular Brawler, Carl seems to have fallen under the radar as of late. However, based on his skill set and overall utility to a team, he should definitely still be up there. To sum up – Carl is an extremely mobile Fighter with good Health, a relatively easy-to-hit attack (especially with the Power Throw Star Power) and an extremely useful Super which can be used for offense and defense. Literally no weaknesses. What more can you ask for?

5. Bo

Another popular Brawler back in the day, Bo, while unfairly still having the best skins in the game by far (in my opinion), has been under utilised as of late. With a high utility Super useful in almost every situation, a broken Star Power (Circling Eagle) in Bounty especially, decent health and a long range attack, Bo is still a highly competent Brawler who should be seeing more action.

That’s my list of the 5 most underrated Brawlers in the game. Which Brawlers do you think are criminally underrated and should see more play time?