Tier List

As Supercell releases new brawlers and updates, brawlers may become weaker or stronger; hence the need for Tier Lists.

Brawlers are periodically ranked to show how strong or weak they are in the current meta. Get a leg up on the competition with our Tier Lists below!

* Rankings are the opinions of the authors. They can be subjective and serve as a guide.

December 2021

S: Rico, Lola, Byron, Meg

A: Tara, Sandy, Stu, Gale, Belle, Ash

B: Nita, Brock, Jessie, Tick, Emz, Frank, Griff, Mortis, Max, Leon, Amber, Lou, Buzz

C: Colt, Bull, Bo, Mike, 8-Bit, Barley, Penny, Piper, Bibi, Bea, Edgar, Mr P, Sprout, Squeak, Spike, Colette, Colonel Ruffs

D: El Primo, Poco, Rosa, Darryl, Carl, Jacky, Pam, Crow, Surge

E: Shelly, Nani, Gene

October 2020

S: Amber

A: Gene, Max, Spike, Colette, Sprout, Carl, Sandy, Bea, Pam

B: Emz, Bibi, Bo, Surge, Tara, Tick, Brock, Nani, Gale, Mr. P

C: Barley, Poco, Mortis, 8-Bit, Rico, Jacky

D: Colt, Jessie, Leon, Dynamike, Penny, El Primo, Piper, Rosa, Bull, Frank, Darryl

E: Shelly, Nita, Crow