Top 5 Speedsters in Brawl Stars!

Ever wondered who are the fastest Brawlers in Brawl Stars? Time to break it down once and for all! First off, crediting the great folks at KAMIKAZE, their good work of which we were able to borrow to verify the fastest Brawlers in Brawl Stars.

First off, some ground rules: All Brawlers have their abilities and gadgets at their disposal. This rule exists because it’s simply impossible to draw the line otherwise – can this Brawler use their Star Power? Why can’t that Brawler use their gadget? It quickly becomes an endless argument. Hence, all Brawlers will have access to their abilities, powers and gadgets for this test. Also, all abilities and gadgets will be subject to their usual cooldowns, with no exceptions.

There are some obvious candidates in this list, but some Brawlers may also surprise you. Let’s dive right in!

Rank 1: Mortis

Was there any real surprise here? The OG speedster of Brawl Stars reigns supreme once again. With his Coiled Snake Star Power and default attack mechanic charging forward, Mortis proves that he is still the undisputed Speedster of Brawl Stars.

Rank 2: Carl

Carl takes an unexpected (though not surprising in the least) second place! With his Flying Hook gadget and Tail Spin Super, Carl beat all other Brawlers to second place, right behind the speed king Mortis.

Rank 3: Nani

Seriously, this is almost cheating. While a slow Brawler on his own, Nani has access to his trusty Peep which is blazing fast. Combined with his Manual Override Super, Nani came in at an awesome third place. Great Job Nani! (or should we say good job Peep?)

Rank 4: Max

With her Let’s Go Super and Phase Shifter gadget, Max comes in at a commendable 4th place (somewhat a surprise). Nobody is more upset about ending in fourth place than the speedster Max herself, we assure you.

Rank 5: Edgar

And in fifth place is Edgar, our depressed and sullen friend. That doesn’t stop him from being one of the fastest Brawlers in the game though – with a great default movement speed and a jumping Super (Vault), Edgar clinches 5th place is convincing fashion.

And there you have it – the top 5 Speedsters (fastest Brawlers) in Brawl Stars!

Did any of the top 5 surprise you? Personally, Nani was a complete surprise to me as I’d clearly forgotten that can teleport to Peep. I also thought that El Primo, with his jumping Super and Meteor Rush Star Power, might’ve cracked the top 5 (he came in 6th!). Also, if Stu had infinite Nitro Boosts, he would probably have come in top (but again, ground rules).

Now we’ll just have to see if Supercell will release a new Brawler who can finally unseat Mortis as the king of speed. Till then…